Curated Projects
  1. Rethinking Nature
  2. Lo Sa La Ter Ruz [On This Red Land]
  3. Proximities
  4. Prove di R(i)esistenza
  5. ALT(ering) + SHIFT(ing) + COMM(uning)
  6. Labor / Art / Auratic Conditions
  7. Cosmopolis #2: Rethinking the Human
  8. Cosmopolis #1.5: Enlarged Intelligence
  9. Cosmopolis #1: Collective Intelligence
  10. 6th Marrakech Biennale: Not New Now

Upcoming & Recent Programs 
  1. Pensiero Plurale: Present Memories—On the Politics of Image-Making > Magazzino Italian Art February 25, 2023

  2. Conversation with Marina Reyes Franco > Americas Society & ICI

  3. Pensiero Plurale: On the Politics of Visibility > Magazzino Italian Art

  4. Pensiero Plurale: Contemporary Art and Social Justice > Magazzino Italian Art

  5. Conversation with Françoise Vergès and Shiraz Bayjoo > Fondation H & Cité Internationale des Arts 

  6. Diversity in the Arts: Beyond Tokenism > New York University

  7. How to Get Paid > Art Workers Italia

  8. Making Space: Art and Generative Communal Practices > POWarts

  9. Challenging Visual Cultures > Photo Vogue Festival 2020



  1. Interview: Curtain Magazine
  2. Residency: La Nueva Fábrica, Guatemala
  3. Text: “Shiraz Bayjoo. Lo Sa La Ter Ruz”
  4. Text: “Awakened in the Flesh. An Interview with Noé Martínez”
  5. Text: “Callejeando” - Juchari Palabra Vol. 1
  6. Publication: “Around Labor, Art, and the Auratic Condition (This is Not a Love Song)”

  7. Grant: Center for Experimental Museology

As a New York-based curator, Ilaria’s work focuses on research-based artistic practices engaging with decolonial epistemologies and the relationship between institutional infrastructures, communal care, curatorial ethics, labor, and civic agency.